Facebook Studio Awards sends more love for Nike+ GPS

Congratulations to my old team, as we pick up a 2012 award. The time I spent with you has been some of the best times I have had working on a project, and it felt like family. I’ve learned more than I ever had with you all. We hit the 2010 iTunes Hall of Fame, got ranked #1 in the Health & Fitness category, and the only reason we got #2 in the Top Grossing App category because of the dastardly Angry Birds.

As we have mostly split ways since, I find it even more relevant to say cheers again to the original core team.

View Facebook Studio Award page

Art Director: Adam Jesberger , R/GA
Producer: Allen Yeh , R/GA
Senior Interaction Designer: Andrew Mercando , R/GA
Design Director: Cesar Marchetti , R/GA
Technical Team Director: Chris Thorwarth , R/GA
Executive Creative Director, Mobile & Social Platforms: Ian Spalter , R/GA
Software Engineer: Ilya Rivkin , R/GA
Group Director, Production: James Kuo , R/GA
Associate Creative Director: Joo Youn Paek , R/GA
Technical Team Leader & Social Platform Architect, Mobile & Social Platforms: Josh Stephenson , R/GA
Associate Creative Director: Masha Ioveva , R/GA
Executive Director, Quality Assurance: Michael Shagalov , R/GA
Senior Visual Designer: Ray Sison , R/GA
Senior Software Engineer & Solution Architect: Robert Carlsen , R/GA
Senior Copywriter: Ross Weythman , R/GA
VP, Managing Director: Sean Lyons , R/GA
Interaction Design Director: Stephen Kob , R/GA
Technical Director: Sune Kaae , R/GA
Creative Director, Interaction Design: Tim Allen , R/GA
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer: Tim King , R/GA
Analyst: Will Sandwick , R/GA

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