Lancôme – Creating a Digital Chase with Social Platforms

To promote a new fragrance launch–helmed by the star power of Emma Watson–we designed a digital scavenger hunt inspired by the narrative of the campaign. Players must solve clues to find icons across the internet, hidden within multiple social tools such as Twitter, Foursquare, tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook. Each icon will bring the user closer to helping Emma Watson find her true love, a boy named Jacques.

Three chapters of increasing difficulty were created for the Midnight Rose Chase in order to minimize participant drop-off. When players are able to beat the first chapter and gain an instant reward, it is a learning experience in how the game works and an incentive to continue on their journeys. The immediate pay off for winning a prize increases the likeliness of a player to proceed to Chapters 2 and 3.


  • Produced a digital scavenger hunt to drive brand engagement for perfume launch and increased Facebook fan base by 130,000.
  • Co-created game mechanics and storyline of experience, which served 14,000+ players.
  • Cultivated Twitter account from launch to 2000+ followers in 3 weeks with blog posts and @replies.
  • Strategized content creation and community management for over 590,000 Facebook fans.
  • Developed prototypes with technical team to test design and feasibility.

The following is an outline of the game actions necessary:

Chapter 1
Read Facebook clue which mentions a restaurant. Action 1: click clue.
Land on restaurant website with a menu.
Rose icon is hidden behind the menu item stated in clue. Action 2: click rose icon.

Chapter 2
Read Facebook clue, which tells mentions an interesting image in Paris. Action 3: click clue.
Player lands on tumblr of Parisian Walking Tours, finds the correct image. Action 4: click image. Optional action: share, reblog, or like photos.
Image window opens and there is a link in the caption. Action 5: click link.
Link lands user at a bookstore site with a visual bookshelf. Action 6: click Midnight Rose book.
Rose icon is hidden on a page within a book. Action 7: click rose icon.

Chapter 3
Players are presented with a word puzzle. Action 8: solve anagram.
Participants solve an anagram and are taken to Jacques twitter. Optional Action: read clues, Twitter posts, retweet.
Those who read Jacques’ clues or interact with him will learn to read his wordpress blog. Action 9: click on blog link.
Wordpress blog includes content by the character Jacques. Optional Action: read, interact, share posts.
The final rose is hidden behind an image of Jacques with Emma Watson’s hat. Action 10: click on rose icon.

Client: L’Oreal Luxury
Agency: R/GA

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