AT&T / Teleporting SXSW Visitors Around Austin

AT&T approached us to design a concept surrounding its lounge at SXSW, serving a notoriously too-hip crowd that is largely ahead of the curve. However, we knew that no matter how technologically savvy SXSW-goers are, they are human at the end of the day. They cannot be in two places at once (or three, or four…). They cannot escape the fear of missing out. They cannot teleport.

As such, we created the AT&T Teleporter that would allow people to check out different locations while they relaxed in the lounge and charged their phones. Not only could we bring them to various Austin locations, we could bring them to select SXSW panels. The size of the projection dome covered the person’s field of vision, allowing for video streams to feel even more realistic.

Teleporter Experience Flow (click to zoom)

Projection Dome UX Storyboards (click to zoom)

Control Panel Wireframes (click to zoom)

Physical Build Process (click to zoom)

Client: AT&T
Agency: Relevent
Partner: SuperUber

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