HBO Game of Thrones – Taking fans inside Westeros with Oculus Rift

The HBO Game of Thrones Exhibition has become a massive event in recent years, generating rabid excitement from fans across the world. For the 2014 tour, we brought in the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to give fans a brand new perspective. We were going to transport them into Westeros.

Users act as members of the Night’s Watch, a brotherhood of makeshift soldiers who guard “The Wall” against dangerous forces beyond. They enter the winch elevator from Castle Black, then brave the freezing winds during the 700 foot ride to the top. Once they arrive they can see “The North,” but of course, that’s when the Wildlings attack!

We partnered with Framestore, the virtual reality team behind the Hollywood blockbuster Gravity, to bring the VFX talent and recreate the environments, characters, and elements from the show.

Experience Map (click to zoom)

Storyboards (click to zoom)


  • Helped conceptualize and pitch the Game of Thrones Exhibition fan experience, from queue lines to interactive installations and post-event engagement tactics
  • Drafted storyboards, set design concepts, and experience maps to outline “Ascend the Wall” story for visitors
  • Outlined specification guidelines for virtual reality vendors to design the Game of Thrones world within Oculus Rift
  • Devised initial protocol for how the experience will operate within exhibition spaces

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Client: HBO
Agency: Relevent
Partner: Framestore


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