Verizon – Inspiring young women to pursue STEM

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. These are the four pillars of STEM, fields in which women are historically underrepresented. To help raise awareness, AKQA built a campaign called “Inspire Her Mind” with a supporting site to provide impactful statistics and testimonials.

The TV spot focuses on how social cues may push girls away from pursuing their interests in STEM at a young age, and how parents can help foster a more supportive environment.

While I’ve had experiences on more recognized work or innovative technology, this project is something I feel most proud of as I got the opportunity to make a small difference in something I personally support.


Header Interactive / Choose her future
By sliding left, a user sees the potential effects of pressure from gender norms and abandoning worthwhile STEM pursuits. By sliding right, a user sees the potential of supporting young girls’ initiatives in their chosen interests.
[vimeo w=700&h=393]

Desktop Wireframe Samples (click to zoom)

Mobile Wireframe Samples (click to zoom)

Words That “Make an Impact”

ADWEEK – Ad of the Day: Verizon Reminds Parents That Girls Aren’t Just Pretty but ‘Pretty Brilliant’

“Maybe the most powerful feature on the site are the testimonials from real women who work in STEM fields. They are open and honest about their own struggles with what it means to be a woman and how they were motivated to pursue their dreams.”

Slate – This Great Ad Reveals All the Ways We Hold Girls Back
Buzzfeed – Verizon Made A Powerful Ad About What You’re Actually Telling A Girl When You Tell Her She’s Pretty

Client: Verizon
Agency: AKQA


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